Sayer SO40

The Birth of a Project
Mike Wignall and his SAYER SO40
From start to finish. Design and build by Mike Wignall and Jon Sayer in close consultation provided Mike with a strong light weight extended passage cruiser with speed to burn.
image-298044-A Start 1.jpg?1426892692636
WRC planking. Pre drilled and edge nailed every 4-500mm. Over 5000 in total. Epoxy glued into place. This process rocketed along and we were later to find that this was the easiest process as a lot of hard work was to come
image-298045-B Frame up.jpg?1426735320105
Laser correct frames
image-298046-C Planking.jpg?1426735382349
The planks were laid at a mid girth curvature to allow ease of bending with minimal stress. Topsides are wooden plug filled to eliminate print from filler as other builders have found. Helicopter sanding machines did all the fairing.
image-298047-D Fully planked.jpg?1426735443252
Fully planked, faired and ready to glass
image-298050-F Glass and Kevlar.jpg?1426735575928
Multiple Kevlar/E glass skins were used forward for slamming areas
image-298049-F Faired and highbuild.jpg?1426735630510
Fully faied and undercoats
image-298051-G Turning.jpg?1426735697723
Crane turning
image-298052-H Internal glass.jpg?1426736142589
Internal E glass lay-up
image-298054-I Internal infusion parts.jpg?1426736233281
All interior and deck precise Resin infused
image-298055-J Fit internal structure.jpg?1426736336509
Tab internal structure
image-298056-K Internal fitout.jpg?1426736412085
Internal fit out panels
image-298057-L Deck mould and lay-up.jpg?1426736504796
Infused deck
image-298058-M Fit deck.jpg?1426736590867
Fit deck and cockpit portions
image-298059-N Internal finishing.jpg?1426736737693
Interior fitout taking shape which was totally Michaels design and input. Very impressive yet basic. Cockpit layout was the best I've seen for cruising.
image-298061-O Lead pour.jpg?1426736818216
Lead pour 2x 1025kg. Thru bolted to main keel web plate that was socketed into keel. Drilling bulbs was a computer art form by local machine shop
image-298062-P keel.jpg?1426736898575
Bulb keel and Diesel tank keel
image-298063-Q Rudder.jpg?1426736979016
Light weight carbon rudder with roller bearings
image-298065-R Painting and deck gear.jpg?1426737049390
Painting and deck gear
image-298067-T launch.jpg?1426737112849
Splash down
image-298068-U Floatation.JPG?1426737190475
image-298069-V sailing.JPG?1426737239415